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2018 VERITY/Brigham Course in Rheumatology Clinical Research

On Monday, May 7th, 2018, 15 trainees and junior faculty from across the US, arrived at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, MA for the VERITY/Brigham Course in Rheumatology Clinical Research.

The attendees consisted of 8 adult and 7 pediatric rheumatologists working on the specific aims or methods sections of their research projects. The VERITY course lasted 6 days with a variety of lectures and workshops given by faculty from Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Toronto Sick Kids and Boston Children’s Hospital. Along with the lectures and workshops, each attendee had the opportunity to sit with a number of faculty members and discuss a range of topics from project feedback to work-life balance. The VERITY course also offered longitudinal mentoring in hopes to forge relationships across the country and continue the beneficial connection that was made at the course.

Thank you to all of the VERITY course faculty and attendees for making the VERITY/Brigham Course of 2018 a huge success.

Below is a list of the course attendees as well as some photos from the first VERITY/Brigham Course in Rheumatology Clinical Research of 2018.

The VERITY group, as well as Brigham and Women’s Hospital, look forward to hosting the next VERITY course in 2020.

2018 VERITY Course Attendees

Fatima Barbar-Smiley, Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Anna Broder, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Christina Downey, Loma Linda University Medical Center

Dinah Foer, Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Julia Ford, Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Mark Hall, University of Texas Health Sciences Center at San Antonio

Karen James, University of Utah

Aleksander Lenert, University of Kentucky

Evan Mulvihill, Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Erin Penn, Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Vaneet Sandhu, Loma Linda University Medical Center

Emily Smitherman, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

Rebecca Tractman, Hospital for Special Surgery/Weill Cornell Med School

Leandra Woolnough, UT Southwestern Medical Center

Shima Yasin, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

Quotes from 2018 VERITY Course Attendees

The VERITY program provided a diverse, well-organized array of topics to support the junior investigator…Hands-on feedback for the junior investigators’ research was provided in the afternoon sessions, giving in-depth and concrete suggestions on how to improve each individual’s research project…The VERITY program effectively expanded my knowledge of research methods and strengthened my research project.
-Leandra Woolnough

I learned a great deal at this course that will support me in career as a clinical researcher. VERITY, its mentorship, and bioinformatics resources will continue to be an excellent support for my research.
-Karen James

This course, and the generous award from CARRA, allowed me to escape the whirlwind of fellowship for a week and really clarify the steps that I need to take in the next part of my career.
-Evan Mulvihill

I left this program with a much better sense of the path that I want to follow going forward as a young investigator, as well as the steps that I need to take in order to get to where I want to be. I was able to meet faculty members who were willing to be mentors, and with whom I am sure I will continue to work throughout my career. The VERITY course will be offered again in two years, and I highly recommend applying to attend for anyone who is interested in pursuing an academic research career in rheumatology.
-Rebecca Trachtman

*These quotes were procured from the Childhood Arthritis and Rheumatology Research Alliance (CARRA) Newsletter, Issue 2, June 2018.

If you are a 2018 VERITY/Brigham Course in Rheumatology Clinical Research attendee, please click here.

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