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The mission of VERITY is to enhance training and conduct of clinical and translational research in rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases.


Aim 1. To strategically direct, supervise, and provide financial accountability to VERITY and to train a broad group of local and national investigators for patient-oriented clinical and translational research in pediatric and adult rheumatic and MSK diseases.

Aim 2. To develop and implement state of the art methods in innovative trials and longitudinal comparative effectiveness studies for rheumatic and MSK disease research.

Aim 3. To support bioinformatic approaches to enhance utilization of large databases — for phenotyping relevant patients, and implementing biomarker, electronic medical record (EMR), and comparative effectiveness analyses.

  • Incorporating patients in developing and conducting rheumatology and MSK clinical research will enhance dissemination and ensure relevance.
  • Innovative trials and longitudinal comparative effectiveness studies will identify optimal treatments for rheumatic and MSK diseases.
  • Use of bioinformatics will accelerate rheumatic and MSK disease clinical and translational research.
  • Training and mentoring the next generation of clinical and translational researchers will ensure a sustained supply of the best and brightest for pediatric and adult rheumatic disease and MSK research.
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