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The Forum on Diversity in the Rheumatology Research Workforce

VERITY has partnered with faculty at Howard University to host the Forum on Diversity in the Rheumatology Research Workforce. This forum will address diversity issues and how to attract and train a diverse research workforce in the world of rheumatology. It will be one 90-minute session featuring talks from:

  • Dr. Irene Blanco (Albert Einstein College of Medicine),
  • Dr. Valerie Stone (Brigham and Women’s Hospital), and
  • Dr. Gail Kerr (Howard and Georgetown University Hospitals). 

The forum will be moderated by Drs. Candace Feldman (Brigham and Women’s Hospital) and Daniel Solomon (Brigham and Women’s Hospital).

Please find addition information about the forum below. Contact Jackie Stratton,, with any further questions.

When will the forum be held? 

The forum will be held virtually on Monday, July 19, 2021, from 11:00AM-12:30PM ET. To view the forum schedule, please click here. The forum will be 90 minutes in duration and will focus on diversity within the rheumatology research workforce.

Who is eligible to attend the forum?

Content is applicable to trainees and all faculty, including program directors, in adult/pediatric rheumatology programs. All faculty and trainees are welcome.

How much does the forum cost?

There is no cost to attend the forum.

Do I have to register to attend the forum?

Yes, we ask all interested in the forum to register. You can register by clicking here (registration is now closed).

Registration is due by 12:00PM ET on Friday, July 16, 2021After the registration due date passes, all registered attendees will receive information about how to join the course.

What if I have more questions about the forum?

Please direct all additional question/concerns/issues to the VERITY project manager, Jackie Stratton (

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