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These resources are for TRACTION LC-associated sites that have enrolled in the RA App. The app is created by ADK and has been tested in two trials at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. This functional PRO app can measure the RADAI, Pain Interference, Fatigue, and Physical Function. Please review the resources below and, if you have any questions or issues, please contact Jack Ellrodt ( and/or Jackie Stratton (

Recordings and Presentations

This presentation was recorded on January 20th, 2021. This presentation focuses on the patient and what the app will look like to them.
This presentation was recorded on January 27th, 2021. This presentation focuses on the clinician dashboard and building a study team at your site.

RA App Patient Handouts and FAQs

This document is a great walkthrough of the app and answers some of the commonly asked questions. It can be given to patients that are interested in the app to help them visualize how it can be used and answer some of their basic questions. 
This document includes walkthroughs of how to set up a study team, add new patients and view survey response data in the clinician dashboard. It can be used as a reference document when implementing the app and the clinician dashboard. 
This is a customizable document that a site can use to collect the required information from a patient that is interested in using the app. Feel free to add your logo and customize it to your site!

RA App Reference Videos

This is a walkthrough of what a patient will see when they download the app, log in and begin filling out surveys.
This is a walkthrough of how to add a study team member to your sites clinician dashboard.
This video walks you through adding a new patient to your site via the clinician dashboard as both an administrator and a clinician.
This is a brief introduction to viewing in and exporting data from the clinician dashboard.



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